Review on crime

I don’t think crime is a good thing because it is just like revenge but in a different way. Like Aesop used to say revenge is a doublesided sword is just like crime if you murder someone then the person you murdered is dead an his family would be very sad and for the criminal he would have to leave or to go to jail! The criminal would either  be a fugitive or go to jail. Being a fugitive is not easy because you have to hide of everyone and you would have to risk yourself. Crime is also not a good thing because it can affect someone else’s life and the criminal’s life. Also crime is not a good thing because it is not good to hurt somedies else’s life he did not do anything! The criminal gets revenge by doing things to other people. It is just not right that people hurt non- innocent people and innocent people that they should not hurt ,maybe you already know the person you are going to murder maybe the person that you are going to murder is not innocent but still it is not good a good thing to hurt or kill people event if they’re not innocent or even if they are innocent it is still not right to hurt people.


.Why do criminals want to hurt people?

.Why do they want to be a criminal?

.Why do they want to turn everything upside down?

.Why are they criminals?

. What made them get involved in crime?

.What do they want?

4 Responses to “Review on crime”
  1. Jim Carlson says:

    “Why do criminals want to hurt people?” — I don’t know … I think people have been trying to understand this since Aesop’s time.

  2. Malika says:

    All good questions. I think people who hurt other people, in whatever form it may take, usually, are in pain. Perhaps if we took more time to nurture instead of punish we might decrease these incidents to some degree and help more people to do positive things.

  3. Nini says:

    I don’t think anyone is born a criminal… People can kill out of anger, passion, revenge, jealousy,
    Greed, and more but i think there is no excuse for killing an innocent person.

  4. I didn’t know where to write this, so I am writing it here. Very wise sayings!

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