Review on crime

I don’t think crime is a good thing because it is just like revenge but in a different way. Like Aesop used to say revenge is a doublesided sword is just like crime if you murder someone then the person you murdered is dead an his family would be very sad and for the criminal … Continue reading

Why did they kill Osama Bin Laden and why didn’t they put Osama Bin Laden in jail?

This is the answer Osama Bin Laden was the leader of a terrorist group. So then Osama Bin Laden’s group would track him down and get Osama back, so if United States would have put him in jail and the  jail would probably not exist anymore and Osama Bin Laden would probably have escaped.

Osama Bin Laden Killed!

Osama Bin Laden was  killed, by a group from the USA. The group assasinated Bin Laden in Pakistan. After Bin Laden’s death there has been some people protesting that United states happines in Bin Laden’s death will turn into sadness. There has been some celebrations in USA for Bin Laden’s death one of the most … Continue reading

Review on guns and war

I think guns shouldn’t even though is used a good way or bad way . I don’t agree of peopple making or selling guns, maybe if  you have a hunter license that you can use guns that make the target sleep so people can still eat meat. In war I don’t think it should be … Continue reading